Los Angeles, CA – Who Wants to Marry A Millionaire?” “Survivor,” and “Big Brother” all capitalized on one basic human impulse: GREED. Now one woman has launched her own national contest based on an opposite force: DOING GOOD.

A self-described “Valley Girl in recovery,” Suzanne Schlosberg, 33, is offering herself as the grand prize to the nonprofit group with the most unique and challenging volunteer activity. She’s calling it the “Free Suzanne” contest and deadline for entry is Dec. 15, 2000. The winner gets Suzanne free of charge, for one week of duty, anywhere in the United States. “I know ‘Free Suzanne’ sounds less enticing than ‘Free Money,’ but, hey, I’m not Bill Gates,” says the freelance writer.

This contest culminates a six-month project Suzanne has dubbed “Mission: Implausible.” She hatched the idea after realizing her greatest contribution to society was updating her friends on sitcom episodes they’d missed. “I wanted to see if I could truly be useful,” Suzanne says. “Maybe the notion was implausible, but it didn’t seem impossible.”

So far, Suzanne’s quest has taken her to Alaska for a wheelchair race; Papua New Guinea to build a house; Pasadena for a political campaign; Washington for chimpanzee research; and China to teach. Up next: Farm work in the California desert.

With a wry, self-deprecating wit, Suzanne has been chronicling her adventures – and misadventures – on her Web site, missionimplausible.com. Contestants can enter “Free Suzanne” by logging onto the site. Members of the media needing more details or wishing to interview Suzanne should contact PRIME LA., (818) 995-1290.