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  Lights, Camera, Action ... Sales!

The infomercial is a marketing technique responsible for the success of numerous consumer products and some notable television personalities.

An infomercial may look simple to produce, but it's actually a stylized vehicle that must meet broadcast specifications while entertaining, educating and moving viewers to action. PRIME LA's seasoned staff, which boasts a long list of film and television credits, can generate a well-crafted infomercial anywhere in the world that meets a budget.

Skilled copywriters develop one-of-a-kind scripts that focus on a product's attributes while deviating from redundant, cookie-cutter formats employed by other production houses. This results in a unique infomercial that viewers find intriguing and compelled to watch!

PRIME LA's top-notch casting agents then locate actors and actresses who effectively deliver a client's message on camera, and a celebrity host can be found if desired. Normal, everyday people are also interviewed for testimonial segments that show the audience how a product or service is clearly superior to its competition. Meanwhile, locations scouts from PRIME LA search for settings that perfectly meet the customized needs of a "shoot." Be it a studio, mansion, beach home, farmhouse or wherever, locations any place in the world can be found to fit a budget.

Next, PRIME LA's film crew moves to action. Gifted directors and cameramen used by PRIME LA have previous experience in the realm of infomercial, commercial, television or film production. Using state-of-the-art equipment, these visionaries bring an infomercial to life with the help of skilled sound technicians, imaginative art directors and talented lighting engineers.

Lastly, highly trained video editors use cutting edge digital equipment to add music, graphics and audio that enhances the infomercial before the final cut is handed to a client.