Who Are We?

PRIME L.A. is a public relations agency whose impact has been felt around the globe.   Based in Los Angeles, California, PRIME L.A. has vast experience in the fields of public relations, infomerical/commercial production, marketing, special event promotions and merchandising services.  Our far-reaching knowledge affords us the ability to analyze trends, secure media interest, generate public impact and maintain that impact at the best possible level over a long-term basis.  Our work has also been evident in publications such as Time, People, Newsweek, In-Style, Variety and Entertainment Weekly; USA Today, The Wall Street Journal.   Producers and reporters from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNNfn and Fox news have also dedicated valuable television time to our clients’ messages thanks to well-groomed pitches put forth by PRIME L.A. professionals.  Close communications with clients is a constant so management is kept completely abreast of current public relations activities being conducted.  PRIME L.A. utilizes a professional, proactive approach in the execution of strategically planned public relations campaigns, while incorporating flexible measures intended to champion over rapidly shifting market demands. From start-ups, mid-size companies or large corporations, PRIME L.A. works hand-in-hand with our clients as we race for the same finish -- success.  Their goals are our goals.

PRIME L.A. has extensive experience working with professionals in all industries.