SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Reports show that Americans are turning to drugs to cope with stress caused by the Sept. 11 tragedy. According to statistics, the sale of anti-anxiety drugs rose 10 percent recently, and sleeping pill sales are up more than 25 percent.

Gail Guevara, a San Francisco stress management expert, says there are healthier ways to cope with anxiety than popping pills. Guevara believes adults and children alike can easily learn natural relaxation techniques that result in long-lasting stress relief.

“Swallowing drugs is a very temporary, expensive solution to the problem of anxiety,” Guevara said. “Learning how to dissolve stress naturally from within is a skill that can be used throughout life and doesn’t require a prescription.”

Guevara, who is a certified hypnotherapist, massage therapist and fitness trainer; said everyone can learn simple stress reduction activities that can be done at a home, the office or even in a car! The techniques include:

- Cycled Breathing to generate calmness & serenity.

- Guided Physical Relaxation to enhance body awareness & tension release.

- Guided Mental Relaxation to strengthen the mind.

- Visualization to develop clarity & purpose.

- Energy Zone Cleansing for revitalization & rejuvenation of mind, body, spirit & heart.

Removing stress from everyday life is an essential element to achieving maximum physical, mental and emotional health. Achieving positive total health is a giant step forward in the prevention of heart disease and stress-related insomnia.

For more information and/or to schedule an interview with Gail Guevara and someone using the relaxation techniques, please contact PRIME L.A., (818) 995-1290.