Los Angeles, CA -- Background checks aren’t just for corporations any longer. More and more single men and women are using such investigations to identify stalkers, rapists, fakers, liars and ex-cons wading in the dating pool.

Garrison Service Systems Int’l. (GSS), located in Los Angeles and New York, offers a background investigation service called Safety Date. These investigations can be very rudimentary or extremely thorough. Samantha Bruno-Clark, security consultant, said a greater number of savvy singles are proactively protecting themselves in the tumultuous world of romance.

“Many people are just looking to make sure their dream girl or Prince Charming are not harboring dangerous, hidden secrets.” Bruno-Clark said. “Most of the background checks turn up only minor infractions at best. But every now and then we have to inform someone that their dinner date has a warrant, a restraining order or may even be married.”

The massive increase in e-dating is partially responsible for the influx of Safety Date requests, according to Bruno-Clark. In Los Angeles, where many people pretend to be something they are not, Safety Date has become popular with actors, actresses and models looking to thwart unscrupulous suitors. For example, one Safety Date client, who is an apparel model, used the service to learn that a man she was dating had been married twice before -- a fact he had left out of all dinner conversations.

GSS has made Safety Date available to the public for nearly a year. Slightly more women then men have requested the service in that time. Bruno-Clark, however, attributes this to the fact that female clients find comfort in dealing with another woman when outlining the parameters of a background search.

For more information about Garrison Service Systems Intl., contact or to speak with a Safety Date client, please contact PRIME L.A., (818) 995-1290.