Nationwide Securities Arbitration Services Selects PRIME L.A. For Public Relations


Los Angeles-based marketing and public relations firm PRIME L.A has been tapped by Nationwide Securities Arbitration Services for representation in North America. Suzi Bruno, president of PRIME L.A. made the announcement.

The firm plans to increase awareness to the benefits of securities arbitration and the process of investment loss recovery. Arbitration is a dispute resolution process, which is an alternative to a traditional lawsuit heard in court by a judge and jury. Arbitrators are impartial persons with special expertise in areas of dispute.

Jeff Ferentz, General Counsel for Nationwide Securities Arbitration Services, Inc.(”NSAS”), headquartered in Reno, Nevada, said, “This is an important time for us and it’s imperative that we communicate effectively to investors hurt by the 2000 stock market collapse. We feel that PRIME L.A. is the firm qualified to deliver results we need to educate consumers about Statute of Limitations deadline and options available to recover losses incurred by broker mismanagement or inappropriate advice.

PRIME L.A. duties will consist of managing all public relations activities including broadening consumer awareness and bringing to the public the latest information necessary to help people combat ignorance about the process of investment recovery.

Suzi Bruno, president of PRIME L.A. said her staff is well equipped to generate the kind of corporate branding required to further Nationwide Securities Arbitration Services’ commitment to delivering the highest quality of service directed toward consumers hurt from a lack of knowledge regarding broker fraud. “I’m positive our expertise will help enhance the fine reputation held by Nationwide Securities Arbitration Services as a trusted and sought-after leader in the investment recovery arena,” she said.

About PRIME L.A.:
Established in 1988, PRIME L.A. designs and conducts innovative and integrated public relations campaigns for both large corporations and small businesses. The firm is equally known for its ability to produce intriguing commercials and infomercials. PRIME L.A. achieves success by utilizing a proactive approach in the execution of strategically planned public relations campaigns while incorporating flexible measures intended to champion over rapidly shifting market demands. More information can be obtained at

About Nationwide Securities Arbitration Services:
Nationwide Securities Arbitration Services; headquartered in Reno, Nevada is focused on assisting individuals pursuing cases related to stockbroker or investment brokerage firms involving fraud and/or wrongdoing. More information can be obtained at