Great Financial Mortgage President Discusses the Rise of Single Women Homebuyers In UPN13 News Interview


Los Angeles, CA -- Mortgage expert, Gavin Fenske, president of Great Financial Mortgage in Fullerton California, appeared on UPN13 news to discuss the rise of single women as power -houses in the homebuyers market. Asked why the shift in statistics, Fenske stated according to the National Association of Realtors, nationwide, single women purchased approximately one in five homes as compared to one in ten by single men in 2003. That makes single women the second-largest segment of homebuyers.

Fenske also pointed out how it used to be a bit Victorian to think that "a woman's place is in the home," but now it actually is and especially for single women. The mantra today is definitely doing it her way. He went on to say how they found the women shared a same commonality in they did not want the housing boom pass them by. Women today feel empowered; they are more educated and very confident. Some women are waiting longer to marry or deciding not to wed at all and are realizing it's more beneficial and often faster to buy their own home. Many don’t even think they can qualify on their own. But with the vast array of mortgage products available in today’s marketplace, women are surprised to find out they can qualify to purchase their own home.

Recent real estate industry trends show it’s far easier for single women to qualify for loans than years past. “Women have a keen sense for financial security and like the tax advantages. With zero down loans, low interest rates and other creative financing we offer has enabled women to achieve a home as not only a place to live but also a smart investment in their future, “ said Fenske.

About Great Financial Mortgage:
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