Flamenco Guitarist Armik Releases Fifth CD


Los Angeles, CA – With the success of his most recent CD, “Isla Del Sol,” Armik, a world-renown flamenco maestro, surpassed a half-million worldwide sales and is rapidly approaching the 600,000 mark.

“Isla Del Sol,” Armik’s fifth CD released in June 1999, aired on more than 180 radio stations across the country. “Isla Del Sol” melds traditional Spanish melodies with jazzy improvisation and progressive rhythms. Armik’s trademark technique is both wild and refined. His compositions are sultry Caribbean and Latin rhythms merged with provocative melodies. While some call this style new age or world music, flamenco aficionados know Armik’s skillful work as “Latin-gypsy-jazz.” Armik, who resides in Southern California, composes and arranges all his albums and, unlike other musicians, records songs in one take rather than overdubbing pieces. Fans in countries like Germany, Canada, Russia, New Zealand and South Korea have pushed Armik to flamenco’s forefront. Australia awarded him a gold record. U.S. listeners may recognize Armik’s music from such shows as VH1’s Vinyl Justice, the syndicated Renegade and NBC’s NBA Inside Stuff. Producers from HBO’s Sex and the City also asked to use Armik’s music on their program.

At the age of 7, Armik pawned his watch -- a gift from his mother -- to raise money for a second-hand guitar, an instrument he found highly intriguing. He hid the instrument in the basement of his home because his parents did not want him to become a musician. However, by the time parents found the guitar, Armik was showing proficiency with the musical tool. His incredible talent increased and at the age of 12 he became a studio musician. Armik then played jazz for more than 10 years and frequently studied in Spain with top-notch flamenco musicians.

All of Armik’s CDs can be found at major music stores, specialty retailers and online at keyword “Armik.” Media can obtain additional information at www.armik.com. To schedule interviews with Armik, please call PRIME L.A., (818) 995-1290.