BEI Medical Systems Selects PRIME L.A. for Public Relations


Los Angeles, CA – BEI Medical Systems, maker of the Hydro ThermAblator® (HTA®), has selected Los Angeles-based marketing and public relations firm PRIME L.A. for representation in North America.

The HTA is a minimally invasive endometrial ablation system that circulates heated saline within the uterus as a means of reducing or eliminating menorrhagia, the excessive menstrual bleeding that occurs in the absence of uterine fibroids or tumors. The HTA system allows gynecologists to safely and effectively treat patients comfortably in a cost-effective outpatient setting without general anesthesia.

Richard Turner, Ph.D.; president and CEO of BEI Medical Systems, said, “PRIME L.A. handled public relations duties for us in 1999 during the Hydro ThermAblator’s Food and Drug Administration trial period. BEI Medical was extremely happy with PRIME L.A.’s performance at that time and anticipates the same success as we move forward in educating the public about the FDA approved Hydro ThermAblator system.”

PRIME L.A. duties will consist of managing all public relations activities, including the creation and dissemination of information during 2002. The staff at PRIME L.A. will also coordinate media opportunities throughout North America.

Suzi Bruno, president of PRIME L.A., said her staff is well equipped to act as the knowledgeable source for members of the media and others needing more information about Hydro ThermAblator. “I’m positive our expertise will further the public’s awareness of menorrhagia and the medical advancements capable of providing relief for this debilitating gynecological infirmity,” she said.

About PRIME L.A.:

Established in 1988, PRIME L.A. designs and conducts innovative and integrated public relations campaigns for both large corporations and small businesses. The firm is equally known for its ability to produce intriguing commercials and infomercials. PRIME L.A. achieves success by utilizing a proactive approach in the execution of strategically planned public relations campaigns while incorporating flexible measures intended to champion over rapidly shifting market demands. PRIME L.A. clients have come from the worlds of entertainment, medicine, sports, technology, manufacturing and retail. More information can be obtained at

About BEI Medical Systems:

BEI Medical Systems Company, Inc.; based in Teterboro, New Jersey, is focused on gynecology and provides minimally invasive solutions to women who have been diagnosed with excessive uterine bleeding due to benign causes.

More information can be obtained by calling Suzi Bruno or Jim Llewellyn at (818) 995-1290. or e-mail questions to